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Global Energy Infrastructure Emissions Database (GID) is Released Online

The Global Energy Infrastructure Emissions Database (GID) is released online! It aims to provide high-resolution carbon dioxide and air pollutant emission products of global infrastructure. Carbon dioxide emissions of power, cement and iron and steel sectors in 2019 are released covering plant- to global level data.

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Committed Emissions from Existing Energy Infrastructure Jeopardize Paris Agreement Climate Goals

This research first comprehensively assessed the committed CO2 emissions of existing and proposed energy infrastructure, and underscored that committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5°C climate target.

Dan Tong

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GID team reveals policies targeting ‘super-polluting’ units could substantially reduce pollutant emissions

This study builds the first global unit-level thermal power air pollutant emission database, and points out that policies targeting a relatively small number of ‘super-polluting’ units could substantially reduce air pollutant emissions.

Dan Tong